Masks of Nyarlathotep

Bloodbath at the Chelsea Hotel

Stacy Webbs and Ann Laveau posted an article in the newspaper, seeking individuals to help investigate the recent disappearances associated with Roger Carlyle’s expedition. A few people responded to the add, including “Gentleman” Sly Thorne & Joseph Dowman. Shortly before the intended meeting, Jackson Elias phoned Stacy to inform her that the meeting place had changed, and that we should find him at the Chelsea Hotel.

When the team arrived at Jackson’s door, there was no answer. Upon closer investigation, the team realized that someone was moving around inside. Sly opened his “violin case,” and removed a Tommy Gun. Stacy stayed with Sly. Joseph & Anne ran outside, to prevent the attackers from escaping out the window.

As Sly & Stacy opened the door, they discovered the horribly mutilated body of Jackson on the bed, with three figures inside. One was waiting by the door with a large bowie knife. The other two were attempting to climb out the window. The assailant by the door managed to get the drop on Sly, and swiftly incapacitated him.

Outside, Anne fired her gun at the men who were climbing out the window. They swiftly climbed back inside. Joseph & Anne climbed up the fire escape in pursuit. When they got to the window, Joseph saw the attacker by the door assaulting Stacy. Swiftly, he charged into the room, but suffered a horrible cut from one of the other (hidden) attackers.

Joseph & Stacy attempted to defeat the assailant who had downed Sly, but he proved too agile. Even after Joseph grabbed Sly’s “Violin,” the attacker managed to escape completely unharmed (ultimately fleeing the scene entirely). At the same time, Anne fired through the window at the other two attackers.

Ultimately, one of Jackson’s attackers was killed & the other was knocked unconscious. However, the team’s victory was narrow at best. Both Joseph & Stacy were also knocked unconscious during the battle, and Anne was severely injured as well. After the fight, Anne managed to revive Joseph. Hearing approaching police sirens, Joseph swiftly shoved Sly’s “violin” and several of Jackson’s personal documents down the nearest laundry chute.

After the party was revived, they were transported to the nearest hospital. The severity of their wounds cost the party almost 3 weeks of recovery time. While in recovery, Joseph was placed in a room with a drunk known as Irish, who became interested in the team’s adventures & tales. Anne was able to recover the “violin” and Jackson’s papers from the Chelsea without being detected, & following the team’s recovery, further investigation became necessary.

The police reported that the captured assailant hadn’t talked, mostly due to a very limited command of the English language. When reviewing Jackson’s papers, the party stumbled across a business card for Emmerson Imports, which became the team’s next destination. They discovered that Jackson had visited the location the day he was murdered, but had gone to the “Juju House,” supposedly in search of dealer (presumably of artifacts of some kind). The group then set out for the Juju House.

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